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Use this converter to easily convert between Decimeters and Centimeters (dm to cm).

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  1. How many Centimeters equal one Decimeter?
  2. Difference between Decimeters and Centimeters
  3. How to convert Decimeters to Centimeters
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    How many Centimeters equal one Decimeter?

Decimeters and Centimeters are length measurement units derived from the basic metric unit – the meter. The appropriate symbols for them are respectively dm and cm. According to the International System of Units 1 decimeter equals 10 centimeters, so there are 10 cm in a dm.

    Difference between Decimeters and Centimeters

One meter is the distance that light travels in vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second. The dm and the cm are both smaller in scale than the meter.

The decimeter is 1/10 of the length of meter. In terms of non-SI units, a cubic decimeter is equal to 1 liter. The highest UHF radio frequency (3 GHz) has a wavelength of 1 dm, whereas that of the lowest one (300 Hz) is 10 dm. The term decimeter is not in common use, as the units that provide more specific numbers are preferred for most tasks.

The centimeter, for example, is largely used in everyday practice – when taking measures for clothes, when making sketches, or when transforming map scale to real-world dimensions. The average length of a coffee bean is 1 cm. Compared to the meter, it is equal to 0.01 of its magnitude. Its prefix ‘centi’ on itself indicates that there are 100 cm in a meter.

    How to convert Decimeters to Centimeters

The conversion from decimeters to centimeters is based on the relationship between the two units. The formula is quite simple:

dm x 10 = cm.

Dm to cm conversion example

Sample task: convert 50 dm to centimeters. Solution:

dm * 10 = cm
50 dm * 10 = 500 cm
End result:
50 dm is equal to 500 cm

    dm to cm conversion table

dm to cm conversion table
dm cm
1 dm 10 cm
2 dm 20 cm
3 dm 30 cm
4 dm 40 cm
5 dm 50 cm
6 dm 60 cm
7 dm 70 cm
8 dm 80 cm
9 dm 90 cm
10 dm 100 cm
20 dm 200 cm
30 dm 300 cm
40 dm 400 cm
50 dm 500 cm
60 dm 600 cm
70 dm 700 cm
80 dm 800 cm
90 dm 900 cm
100 dm 1,000 cm
200 dm 2,000 cm
300 dm 3,000 cm
400 dm 4,000 cm
500 dm 5,000 cm
600 dm 6,000 cm
700 dm 7,000 cm
800 dm 8,000 cm
900 dm 9,000 cm
1,000 dm 10,000 cm


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