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Use this imperial to metric converter to easily convert between imperial and metric units for length measurement such as those used to measure dimensions and distance. Convert feet to meters, yards to meters, miles to kilometers, inches to centimeters, and more.

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  1. What units are supported?
  2. Imperial vs. Metric units of length
  3. How to convert imperial to metric units?
  4. Cm to In conversion table
  5. Feet to meters conversion table
  6. Miles to km conversion table

    What units are supported?

This online imperial to metric unit converter supports conversions from inches (in), feet (ft), yards (yd), miles (mi), nautical miles (M), and leagues (lea) to nanometers (nm), micrometers (μm), millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), decimeters (dm), meters (m), and kilometers (km). It uses the standards defines by the International System of Units and ISO standards on quantities and units [1][2], with the league being the exception, as there is no single definition for it - we are using the U.S. standard league.

    Imperial vs. Metric units of length

The Imperial system, sometimes referred to as the English system of units is an old system of measurements that was used throughout human history, with evidence of its use in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Middle ages, and more. It is currently used only in the United States, United Kingdom, and a couple of other countries, and even there it is defined by using the meter as a de facto base unit. Historically the definitions of the imperial units varied with time and place, but were set relative to the standard meter by a 1959 international treaty.

The metric system is a relatively modern system of units and is the official system for most countries in the world. It is used in all sciences, in engineering, navigation, etc. Its base unit is the meter, initially defined by a metal bar standard, but then redefined more precisely as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds.

Since both systems coexist in the modern world, unit conversion is often needed when dealing with goods purchased from parts of the world using the other system. An imperial to metric converter can be helpful in such situations.

    How to convert imperial to metric units?

Our converter supports many different pairs of units, so we provide examples on how to perform unit conversions for only the most popular pairs.

Inch to cm conversion example

Sample task: convert 10 inches to cm. Solution:

in * 2.54 = cm
10 in * 2.54 = 25.40 cm
End result:
10 in is equal to 25.40 cm

Feet to meters conversion example

Sample task: convert 20 feet to meters. Solution:

ft * 0.3048 = m
20 ft * 0.3048 = 6.0960 m
End result:
20 ft is equal to 6.0960 m

Miles to km conversion example

Sample task: convert 25 miles to kilometers. Solution:

miles * 1.609344 = km
25 miles * 1.6093 = 40.2336 km
End result:
25 miles is equal to 40.2336 km

As you can see in certain scenarios the conversion is quite easy to do by doing the math by hand, but in others a unit converter is definitely necessary.

    Cm to In conversion table

in to cm conversion table
in cm
1 in 2.54 cm
2 in 5.08 cm
3 in 7.62 cm
4 in 10.16 cm
5 in 12.70 cm
6 in 15.24 cm
7 in 17.78 cm
8 in 20.32 cm
9 in 22.86 cm
10 in 25.40 cm
20 in 50.80 cm
30 in 76.20 cm
40 in 101.60 cm
50 in 127 cm
60 in 152.40 cm
70 in 177.80 cm
80 in 203.20 cm
90 in 228.60 cm
100 in 254 cm

    Feet to meters conversion table

ft to m conversion table
ft m
1 ft 0.304800 m
2 ft 0.609600 m
3 ft 0.914400 m
4 ft 1.219200 m
5 ft 1.524000 m
6 ft 1.828800 m
7 ft 2.133600 m
8 ft 2.438400 m
9 ft 2.743200 m
10 ft 3.048000 m
20 ft 6.096000 m
30 ft 9.144000 m
40 ft 12.192000 m
50 ft 15.24 m
60 ft 18.288000 m
70 ft 21.336000 m
80 ft 24.384000 m
90 ft 27.432000 m
100 ft 30.48 m

    Miles to km conversion table

miles to km conversion table
miles km
1 miles 1.609344 km
2 miles 3.218688 km
3 miles 4.828032 km
4 miles 6.437376 km
5 miles 8.046720 km
6 miles 9.656064 km
7 miles 11.265408 km
8 miles 12.874752 km
9 miles 14.484096 km
10 miles 16.093440 km
20 miles 32.186880 km
30 miles 48.280320 km
40 miles 64.373760 km
50 miles 80.467200 km
60 miles 96.560640 km
70 miles 112.654080 km
80 miles 128.747520 km
90 miles 144.840960 km
100 miles 160.934400 km

Unit conversion tables like the above can be useful if for some reason you don't have access to an online converter.


1 NIST Special Publication 330 (2008) - "The International System of Units (SI)", edited by Barry N.Taylor and Ambler Thompson

2 International Organization for Standardization (1993). ISO Standards Handbook: Quantities and units (3rd edition). Geneva: ISO. ISBN 92-67-10185-4.

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