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Use this converter to easily convert between Yards and Inches (yd to in).

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  1. How many Inches in a Yard?
  2. Difference between Yards and Inches
  3. How to convert Yards to Inches
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    How many Inches in a Yard?

The inch is defined as 1/12 of a foot, while a yard contains 3 feet, so there are exactly 36 inches in a yard. The international standard symbol for inch is "in" and for yard: "yd", for example 3 in, 6 yd.

    Difference between Yards and Inches

The yard is used as the standard unit for measuring field-length in American, Canadian, and Association football, cricket pitch dimensions, and in some countries: golf fairway measurements. The inch has a greater use, but is still limited to a couple of countries in the world: most importantly the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Japan. After a 1959 agreement the yard is precisely defined as being 0.9144 meters exactly, while the inch is defined as 0.0254 meters, so in effect both are based on the metric system. Historically, both had definitions relative to the foot, that varied from time to time and location to location, as did the foot.

Both the yard and the inch are units of length, but due to their different magnitude, have different applications. The yard is used for larger distances and very large object's dimensions, while the inch is used where greater precision is required, or for smaller objects.

    How to convert Yards to Inches

Converting from yards to inches is trivial as it involves just simple multiplication. Multiply the measure in yards by 36 to get its equivalent in inches. Using our free online yd to in converter is, of course, even easier than that.

Yards to in conversion example

Sample task: convert 3 yards to inches. Solution:

yd * 36 = in
3 yd * 36 = 108 in
End result:
3 yd is equal to 108 in

    yd to in conversion table

yd to in conversion table
yd in
1 yd 36 in
2 yd 72 in
3 yd 108 in
4 yd 144 in
5 yd 180 in
6 yd 216 in
7 yd 252 in
8 yd 288 in
9 yd 324 in
10 yd 360 in
20 yd 720 in
30 yd 1,080 in
40 yd 1,440 in
50 yd 1,800 in
60 yd 2,160 in
70 yd 2,520 in
80 yd 2,880 in
90 yd 3,240 in
100 yd 3,600 in
200 yd 7,200 in
300 yd 10,800 in
400 yd 14,400 in
500 yd 18,000 in
600 yd 21,600 in
700 yd 25,200 in
800 yd 28,800 in
900 yd 32,400 in
1,000 yd 36,000 in


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2 International Organization for Standardization (1993). ISO Standards Handbook: Quantities and units (3rd edition). Geneva: ISO. ISBN 92-67-10185-4.

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