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Use this converter to easily convert between Fathoms and Feet (fathoms to ft).

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  1. How many Feet equal one Fathom?
  2. Difference between Fathoms and Feet
  3. How to convert Fathoms to Feet
  4. Fathoms to ft conversion table

    How many Feet equal one Fathom?

Exactly 6 feet equal one fathom, according to the international standards for the imperial unit system. There is no internationally recognized symbol for fathoms, while for feet the symbol is "ft".

    Difference between Fathoms and Feet

Both are units of the imperial system of units, but while the foot has a more universal application, the fathom is used mainly for measuring water depths during sea travel and as part of marine navigation. Other than that, the only difference is in their magnitude.

    How to convert Fathoms to Feet

To convert fathoms to feet, multiply the measurement in fathoms by 6 to get the equivalent in feet. This is simple enough for single digit numbers, but it may become complicated for greater depths, so you might want to have a calculator or an online converter handy.

Fathoms to Feet conversion example

Sample task: convert 5 fathoms to feet. Solution:

fathoms * 6 = ft
5 fathoms * 6 = 30 ft
End result:
5 fathoms is equal to 30 ft

    Fathoms to ft conversion table

fathoms to ft conversion table
fathoms ft
1 fathoms 6 ft
2 fathoms 12 ft
3 fathoms 18 ft
4 fathoms 24 ft
5 fathoms 30 ft
6 fathoms 36 ft
7 fathoms 42 ft
8 fathoms 48 ft
9 fathoms 54 ft
10 fathoms 60 ft
20 fathoms 120 ft
30 fathoms 180 ft
40 fathoms 240 ft
50 fathoms 300 ft
60 fathoms 360 ft
70 fathoms 420 ft
80 fathoms 480 ft
90 fathoms 540 ft
100 fathoms 600 ft
200 fathoms 1,200 ft
300 fathoms 1,800 ft
400 fathoms 2,400 ft
500 fathoms 3,000 ft
600 fathoms 3,600 ft
700 fathoms 4,200 ft
800 fathoms 4,800 ft
900 fathoms 5,400 ft
1,000 fathoms 6,000 ft


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