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    How many Meters equal one Mile?

Exactly 1609.344 meters equal one mile, according to the international standards for units. With a treaty signed in 1959 it was established that a mile is equal to 5280 feet and that a foot is 0.3044 meters. With simple mathematical conversions one can arrive at the number of feet in a mile. The symbol for mile is "mi", while the symbol for meter is "m". In some places in the UK and the US, however, you might see "m" used a symbol for miles, leading to confusions, especially for visitors from abroad.

    Difference between Miles and Meters

There are several differences between miles and meters. For one, the mile is a part of the imperial system of units, while the meter is the base unit of the metric system. The two units correspond to very different lengths, with the mile being many orders of magnitude larger, thus miles are usually used to measure large distances, while meters are used for more modest ones. E.g. you would measure the distance travelled by a car or plane in miles, while a short walk or sprint in meters.

The mile is also much older than the meter. Miles were used as far back as the Romans (Roman mile equal to 5,000 feet), and different definitions existed in different places and at different times, e.g. English mile, Scot mile, Italian mile. Miles are currently only used in a couple of countries in the world, like the United States and the United Kingdom.

    How to convert Miles to Meters

To convert miles to meters, multiply the distance in miles by 1609.344 to get the distance in meters. Conversion of measurements in miles to measurements in meters is usually done with a calculator, and is even easier with our online miles to meters converter, which also has a one-click copy/paste button for your convenience.

Miles to Meters conversion example

Sample task: convert 5 miles to meters. Solution:

miles * 1609.344 = m
5 miles * 1,609.3440 = 8,046.72 m
End result:
5 miles is equal to 8,046.72 m

    Miles to m conversion table

miles to m conversion table
miles m
1 miles 1,609.344000 m
2 miles 3,218.688000 m
3 miles 4,828.032000 m
4 miles 6,437.376000 m
5 miles 8,046.72 m
6 miles 9,656.064000 m
7 miles 11,265.408000 m
8 miles 12,874.752000 m
9 miles 14,484.096000 m
10 miles 16,093.44 m
20 miles 32,186.88 m
30 miles 48,280.32 m
40 miles 64,373.76 m
50 miles 80,467.20 m
60 miles 96,560.64 m
70 miles 112,654.08 m
80 miles 128,747.52 m
90 miles 144,840.96 m
100 miles 160,934.40 m
200 miles 321,868.80 m
300 miles 482,803.20 m
400 miles 643,737.60 m
500 miles 804,672 m
600 miles 965,606.40 m
700 miles 1,126,540.80 m
800 miles 1,287,475.20 m
900 miles 1,448,409.60 m
1,000 miles 1,609,344 m


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