Meters to Nautical Miles Converter

Use this converter to easily convert between Meters and Nautical Miles (m). Nautical miles are usually denoted by M (capital m), but also NM, nm and nmi by various institutions and circles.

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  1. How many Meters equal one Nautical Mile?
  2. Difference between Meters and Nautical Miles
  3. How to convert Meters to Nautical Miles
  4. m to M conversion table

    How many Meters equal one Nautical Mile?

Exactly 1852 meters equal one nautical mile according to the internationally accepted standards. The accepted symbol for meters is "m" and "M" for the nautical mile.

    Difference between Meters and Nautical Miles

Both are units for measuring distances, but the meter is of many orders smaller than the nautical mile. Therefore, it is used for much smaller distances, or where higher precision is required, and also as a unit for object dimensions. The meter is the base unit of the metric system and as such is defined by the distance travelled by light in vacuum for a certain very small fraction of the second. The meter is used for measuring distances both at land and at sea.

The nautical mile, on the other hand, is a part of the Imperial system of units and is used mainly for measuring distances at sea or in the air (air navigation). Its magnitude makes it suitable for measuring large distances such as those between cities, countries or even continents, whereas you would rarely express them in meters.

    How to convert Meters to Nautical Miles

Converting a distance measured in meters to one measured in nautical miles is as easy as dividing it by 1852. However, this is not easily done in your mind, so you would often want to use a calculator or converter, such as our online meters to nautical miles converter.

Meters to nautical miles conversion example

Sample task: convert 3000 meters to nautical miles. Solution:

m / 1852 = M
3000 m / 1,852 = 1.619870 M
End result:
3000 m is equal to 1.619870 M

    m to M conversion table

m to M conversion table
m M
1 m 0.000540 M
2 m 0.001080 M
3 m 0.001620 M
4 m 0.002160 M
5 m 0.002700 M
6 m 0.003240 M
7 m 0.003780 M
8 m 0.004320 M
9 m 0.004860 M
10 m 0.005400 M
20 m 0.010799 M
30 m 0.016199 M
40 m 0.021598 M
50 m 0.026998 M
60 m 0.032397 M
70 m 0.037797 M
80 m 0.043197 M
90 m 0.048596 M
100 m 0.053996 M
200 m 0.107991 M
300 m 0.161987 M
400 m 0.215983 M
500 m 0.269978 M
600 m 0.323974 M
700 m 0.377970 M
800 m 0.431965 M
900 m 0.485961 M
1,000 m 0.539957 M


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