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  1. How many Meters equal one Kilometer?
  2. Difference between Kilometers and Meters
  3. How to convert Kilometers to Meters?
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    How many Meters equal one Kilometer?

Exactly 1000 meters equal one kilometer, following from the definition of the kilometer. Kilometers and meters are units of measurement for distance or length in the metric system and 1 km is by definition equal to 1000 m. They are preferred in most parts of the world, apart from the United States which use imperial measures.

The standard symbol for kilometer is km, and the symbol for meter is m [1].

    Difference between Kilometers and Meters

The term kilometer appeared originally in the French book Physique d'Emile: ou, Principes de la science de la nature [2] in 1802. Today it measures mainly distance between on-land geographical locations. Exception make the roadmap systems of the United Kingdom [3] and Canada, where imperial units are used to indicate distance.

The meter was first adopted in 1793 by the French Republic. It was determined to be 1/10,000,000 of the distance from the North Pole to the equator. Nowadays, according to the International System of Units (SI), the base measurement unit is the meter. It is defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds [4].

The two units differ in magnitude, not in application.

    How to convert Kilometers to Meters?

Conversion from kilometers to meters is done for distance, depth, length, or height. For example, geographic data, such as mount heights or ocean depths, is often presented in meters. The conversion from km to m is done using this formula:

km x 1,000 = m.

Km to Meters conversion example

Sample task: convert 2 kilometers to meters. Solution:

km * 1000 = m
2 km * 1,000 = 2,000 m
End result:
2 km is equal to 2,000 m

    km to m conversion table

km to m conversion table
km m
1 km 1,000 m
2 km 2,000 m
3 km 3,000 m
4 km 4,000 m
5 km 5,000 m
6 km 6,000 m
7 km 7,000 m
8 km 8,000 m
9 km 9,000 m
10 km 10,000 m
20 km 20,000 m
30 km 30,000 m
40 km 40,000 m
50 km 50,000 m
60 km 60,000 m
70 km 70,000 m
80 km 80,000 m
90 km 90,000 m
100 km 100,000 m
200 km 200,000 m
300 km 300,000 m
400 km 400,000 m
500 km 500,000 m
600 km 600,000 m
700 km 700,000 m
800 km 800,000 m
900 km 900,000 m
1,000 km 1,000,000 m


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