Miles to Nautical Miles Converter

Use this converter to easily convert between Miles and Nautical Miles (miles to M). Nautical miles are usually denoted by M (capital m), but also NM, nm and nmi by various institutions and circles.

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  1. How many Miles are in one Nautical Mile?
  2. Difference between Miles and Nautical Miles
  3. How to convert Miles to Nautical Miles?
  4. Miles to nautical miles conversion table

    How many Miles are in one Nautical Mile?

There are approximately 1.15 land miles in one nautical mile, according to the definition of the two metrics. An approximation with a higher precision is that there are 1.150779448 miles in 1 nm. The standardized symbols for the two units are mi and M, but "m" is used for miles in a few countries, which might lead to confusion with the meter, while "nm" and "nmi" are also used to refer to nautical miles in some professional circles.

    Difference between Miles and Nautical Miles

Historically, the nautical mile was defined as one minute of latitude, thus equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree, while the land mile had different definitions in different times and places, but was generally linked to other natural or human phenomena. Currently they are both a part of the imperial system of units, which is used officially in only a few countries and in certain industries and are being replaced in fields like science and engineering.

The main difference between the two is their magnitude, and their field of applications. Whereas a land mile is generally used for measuring distances over land, a nautical mile is used in marine navigation and air navigation.

    How to convert Miles to Nautical Miles?

To convert land miles to nautical miles, divide the measurement in miles by 1.150779448 to get the equivalent in nautical miles. In most cases you would need the help of a calculator or online converter such as ours if any kind of accuracy is required. For ballpark numbers you can probably do the calculation in your mind.

Land miles to nautical miles conversion example

Sample task: convert 6 land miles to nautical miles. Solution:

miles / 1.150779448 = M
6 miles / 1.1508 = 5.213857 M
End result:
6 miles is equal to 5.213857 M

    Miles to nautical miles conversion table

miles to M conversion table
miles M
1 miles 0.868976 M
2 miles 1.737952 M
3 miles 2.606929 M
4 miles 3.475905 M
5 miles 4.344881 M
6 miles 5.213857 M
7 miles 6.082834 M
8 miles 6.951810 M
9 miles 7.820786 M
10 miles 8.689762 M
20 miles 17.379525 M
30 miles 26.069287 M
40 miles 34.759050 M
50 miles 43.448812 M
60 miles 52.138575 M
70 miles 60.828337 M
80 miles 69.518099 M
90 miles 78.207862 M
100 miles 86.897624 M
200 miles 173.795248 M
300 miles 260.692873 M
400 miles 347.590497 M
500 miles 434.488121 M
600 miles 521.385745 M
700 miles 608.283369 M
800 miles 695.180994 M
900 miles 782.078618 M
1,000 miles 868.976242 M


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