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Use this converter to easily convert between Miles and Yards (miles to yd).

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  1. How many Yards equal one Mile?
  2. Difference between Miles and Yards
  3. How to convert Miles to Yards
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    How many Yards equal one Mile?

Since a yard is defined as 3 feet, and a mile is defined as 5280 feet, exactly 1760 yards equal one mile. The internationally recognized symbols are "mi" for miles and "yd" for yards, but "m" is still used in some places to denote miles, despite possible confusion with meters ("m").

    Difference between Miles and Yards

The major difference between miles and yards is the magnitude of the distance measured. Miles are thus usually used for travel distances and distances between faraway places, while yards are used for measuring running and walking distances, as well as dimensions for houses, yards, sports fields, or smaller objects.

Both metrics are a part of the imperial unit system and are mostly used in the United Stated and the United Kingdom, with most of the rest of the world preferring the metric system defined by the International System of Units (SI). Historically both units varied by time, place, and jurisdiction, but are currently defined in terms of meters.

    How to convert Miles to Yards

To convert miles to yards, multiply the measurement in miles by 1760. This is not a simple calculation, so a calculator is often handy. Even better - you can use our free online miles to yards converter. It is mobile-friendly, has a quick copy button and other convenient functionalities.

Miles to yd conversion example

Sample task: convert 6 miles to yards. Solution:

miles * 1760 = yd
6 miles * 1,760 = 10,560 yd
End result:
6 miles is equal to 10,560 yd

    Miles to yards conversion table

miles to yd conversion table
miles yd
1 miles 1,760 yd
2 miles 3,520 yd
3 miles 5,280 yd
4 miles 7,040 yd
5 miles 8,800 yd
6 miles 10,560 yd
7 miles 12,320 yd
8 miles 14,080 yd
9 miles 15,840 yd
10 miles 17,600 yd
20 miles 35,200 yd
30 miles 52,800 yd
40 miles 70,400 yd
50 miles 88,000 yd
60 miles 105,600 yd
70 miles 123,200 yd
80 miles 140,800 yd
90 miles 158,400 yd
100 miles 176,000 yd
200 miles 352,000 yd
300 miles 528,000 yd
400 miles 704,000 yd
500 miles 880,000 yd
600 miles 1,056,000 yd
700 miles 1,232,000 yd
800 miles 1,408,000 yd
900 miles 1,584,000 yd
1,000 miles 1,760,000 yd


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