Kilometers to Nautical Miles Converter

Use this converter to easily convert between Kilometers and Nautical Miles (km to M). Nautical miles are usually denoted by M (capital m), but also NM, nm and nmi by various institutions and circles.

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  1. How many Kilometers equal one Nautical Mile?
  2. Difference between Kilometers and Nautical Miles
  3. How to convert Kilometers to Nautical Miles?
  4. km to M conversion table

    How many Kilometers equal one Nautical Mile?

Exactly 1.852 kilometers equal one nautical mile. Historically, the nautical mile was defined as one minute of latitude, thus equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree. It is a non-SI unit "accepted for use with the SI" due to its use in air and marine navigation, as well as definition of territorial waters.

    Difference between Kilometers and Nautical Miles

Both kilometers and nautical miles are measures of distance, but as the name suggests, nautical miles are mostly used for marine navigation, territorial water demarkation and also, strangely, in aviation. Kilometers are used for all kinds of distance measurements and are a part of the international metric system, with the meter as a base unit.

Even modern yachring associations and competitions define things in nautical miles sometimes, despite the accuracy and utility of using metric units.

    How to convert Kilometers to Nautical Miles?

To convert kilometers to nautical miles, divide the measurement in km by 1.852 to get the equivalent distance in nautical miles. Our online km to nautical miles converter is a great

Km to nautical miles conversion example

Sample task: convert 5 kilometers to nautical miles. Solution:

km / 1.852 = M
5 km / 1.8520 = 2.699784 M
End result:
5 km is equal to 2.699784 M

    km to M conversion table

km to M conversion table
km M
1 km 0.539957 M
2 km 1.079914 M
3 km 1.619870 M
4 km 2.159827 M
5 km 2.699784 M
6 km 3.239741 M
7 km 3.779698 M
8 km 4.319654 M
9 km 4.859611 M
10 km 5.399568 M
20 km 10.799136 M
30 km 16.198704 M
40 km 21.598272 M
50 km 26.997840 M
60 km 32.397408 M
70 km 37.796976 M
80 km 43.196544 M
90 km 48.596112 M
100 km 53.995680 M
200 km 107.991361 M
300 km 161.987041 M
400 km 215.982721 M
500 km 269.978402 M
600 km 323.974082 M
700 km 377.969762 M
800 km 431.965443 M
900 km 485.961123 M
1,000 km 539.956803 M


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