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Use this converter to easily convert between Yards and Feet (yd to ft).

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  1. How many Feet equal one Yard?
  2. Difference between Yards and Feet
  3. How to convert Yards to Feet
  4. yd to ft conversion table

    How many Feet equal one Yard?

Exactly feet equal one yard, according to the modern, internationally accepted definition of the yard. The symbol for yards is "yd", while the symbol for feet is "ft". As of 1959 both units are expressed in terms of the meter, the base unit of the metric system.

    Difference between Yards and Feet

Both yards and feet are units for measuring length, part of the Imperial (also called English) system of units. Due to their similar magnitude, they are used to measure similar things: small to medium distances travelled, and the dimensions of larger objects, e.g. shipping containers, rooms, cars and trucks, yachts, etc. Running tracks, sports fields, and other similar structures are also often measured in feet or yards.

The two units have a long history and they varied from time to time and place to place, but are now fixed to the meter.

    How to convert Yards to Feet

To convert a length measurement in yards to an equivalent in feet, simply multiply by 3. Sometimes this mathematical operation is easy to do and no calculator is required. With larger numbers our free online yard to feet converter is indispensable. It can even work offline, if cached in your web browser.

Yards to ft conversion example

Sample task: convert 9 yards to feet. Solution:

yd * 3 = ft
9 yd * 3 = 27 ft
End result:
9 yd is equal to 27 ft

    yd to ft conversion table

yd to ft conversion table
yd ft
1 yd 3 ft
2 yd 6 ft
3 yd 9 ft
4 yd 12 ft
5 yd 15 ft
6 yd 18 ft
7 yd 21 ft
8 yd 24 ft
9 yd 27 ft
10 yd 30 ft
20 yd 60 ft
30 yd 90 ft
40 yd 120 ft
50 yd 150 ft
60 yd 180 ft
70 yd 210 ft
80 yd 240 ft
90 yd 270 ft
100 yd 300 ft
200 yd 600 ft
300 yd 900 ft
400 yd 1,200 ft
500 yd 1,500 ft
600 yd 1,800 ft
700 yd 2,100 ft
800 yd 2,400 ft
900 yd 2,700 ft
1,000 yd 3,000 ft


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