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Use this converter to easily convert between Fathoms and Meters (fathoms to m).

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  1. How many Meters equal one Fathom?
  2. Difference between Fathoms and Meters
  3. How to convert Fathoms to Meters
  4. Fathoms to m conversion table

    How many Meters equal one Fathom?

Exactly 1.8288 meters equal one fathom, since a fathom is 6 feet and a foot is exactly 0.3078 meters, according to the internationally recognized unit standard. There is no internationally recognized symbol for fathom, so usually the whole unit is written, while "ft" is used for feet.

    Difference between Fathoms and Meters

Both are units for measuring short distances and part of the imperial system of units, but while the foot is used for all kinds of measurements, the fathom is mostly used to measure depth levels at sea.

    How to convert Fathoms to Meters

To convert a measurement from fathoms to meters, multiply it by 1.8288. In most cases when you need to get the equivalent in meters you will want to use a calculator or converter, unless accuracy is not critical, or the number in fathoms is in the single digits.

Fathoms to Meters conversion example

Sample task: convert 5 fathoms to meters. Solution:

fathoms / 1.8288 = m
5 fathoms / 1.8288 = 2.734033 m
End result:
5 fathoms is equal to 2.734033 m

    Fathoms to m conversion table

fathoms to m conversion table
fathoms m
1 fathoms 0.546807 m
2 fathoms 1.093613 m
3 fathoms 1.640420 m
4 fathoms 2.187227 m
5 fathoms 2.734033 m
6 fathoms 3.280840 m
7 fathoms 3.827647 m
8 fathoms 4.374453 m
9 fathoms 4.921260 m
10 fathoms 5.468066 m
20 fathoms 10.936133 m
30 fathoms 16.404199 m
40 fathoms 21.872266 m
50 fathoms 27.340332 m
60 fathoms 32.808399 m
70 fathoms 38.276465 m
80 fathoms 43.744532 m
90 fathoms 49.212598 m
100 fathoms 54.680665 m
200 fathoms 109.361330 m
300 fathoms 164.041995 m
400 fathoms 218.722660 m
500 fathoms 273.403325 m
600 fathoms 328.083990 m
700 fathoms 382.764654 m
800 fathoms 437.445319 m
900 fathoms 492.125984 m
1,000 fathoms 546.806649 m


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