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Use this converter to easily convert between Yards and Miles (yd to miles).

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    How many Yards in a Mile?

There are exactly 1760 yards in a mile, since a yard is defined as exactly three feet and a mile is defined as 5280 feet. The internationally-recognized symbol for yards is "yd", and for miles it is "mi", but often "m" is used when there is no possibility to confuse it with the metric unit "m", representing meters.

    Difference between Yards and Miles

The main difference between yards and miles is the magnitude of the length they represent. Miles are used for large distances like those travelled by car, truck, train, or plane. Yards are used to measure sports fields, house or yard dimensions, and dimensions of large objects. Distances in sports are often measured in yards, such as running and swimming distances.

Both units are part of the imperial unit system, used in the United States, United Kingdom and a couple of other countries. The modern definitions of both units are fixed in meters.

    How to convert Yards to Miles

To convert a measurement in yards, divide it by 1760, for which you will usually need a calculator. Our online yards to miles converter above is a great help, easy to use and will work great on your smartphone as well.

Yards to miles conversion example

Sample task: convert 3000 yards to miles. Solution:

yd / 1760 = miles
3000 yd / 1,760 = 1.704545 miles
End result:
3000 yd is equal to 1.704545 miles

    yd to miles conversion table

yd to miles conversion table
yd miles
1 yd 0.000568 miles
2 yd 0.001136 miles
3 yd 0.001705 miles
4 yd 0.002273 miles
5 yd 0.002841 miles
6 yd 0.003409 miles
7 yd 0.003977 miles
8 yd 0.004545 miles
9 yd 0.005114 miles
10 yd 0.005682 miles
20 yd 0.011364 miles
30 yd 0.017045 miles
40 yd 0.022727 miles
50 yd 0.028409 miles
60 yd 0.034091 miles
70 yd 0.039773 miles
80 yd 0.045455 miles
90 yd 0.051136 miles
100 yd 0.056818 miles
200 yd 0.113636 miles
300 yd 0.170455 miles
400 yd 0.227273 miles
500 yd 0.284091 miles
600 yd 0.340909 miles
700 yd 0.397727 miles
800 yd 0.454545 miles
900 yd 0.511364 miles
1,000 yd 0.568182 miles


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