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    How many Meters in a Mile?

There are exactly 1609.344 meters in a mile. This follows from the international standard which defines a mile as equal to 5280 feet, and a foot as equal to 0.3044 meters. The International System of Units states that the standard symbol for meter is "m", while for mile it is "mi". Still, in some cases "m" continues to be used in the US and the UK, leading to possible confusion for tourists and visitors from abroad.

    Difference between Meters and Miles

Both meters and miles are used to measure distances. The difference is that a mile is a unit from the imperial system, while the meter is a unit from the metric system, in fact it is its base unit. Miles are usually used to measure large distances, such as ones covered by a car, truck or plane. The meter is mostly used for smaller distances, such as running or sprinting, and it is also used to measure the dimensions of large bodies, e.g. shipping containers, houses, sports fields. Thus, the difference between meters in miles is largely in their magnitude.

Historically, the mile is much older than the meter. Miles corresponding to different actual length were used far back in history, for example there was a Roman mile which equaled 5,000 feet. Historically there were many other definitions of a mile, e.g. English mile, Dutch mile, Italian mile... Currently the mile is widely used only in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    How to convert Meters to Miles

To convert from meters to miles one needs to divide the measurement in meters by 1609.344. As this is non-trivial to do in your mind, you will need the help of a calculator, or even better - use this online meters to miles converter. You can easily copy/paste the result by using the button next to the result field.

Meters to Miles conversion example

Sample task: convert 5 kilometers to miles. Solution:

m / 1609.344 = miles
5 m / 1,609.3440 = 0.003107 miles
End result:
5 m is equal to 0.003107 miles

    Meters to miles conversion table

m to miles conversion table
m miles
1 m 0.000621 miles
2 m 0.001243 miles
3 m 0.001864 miles
4 m 0.002485 miles
5 m 0.003107 miles
6 m 0.003728 miles
7 m 0.004350 miles
8 m 0.004971 miles
9 m 0.005592 miles
10 m 0.006214 miles
20 m 0.012427 miles
30 m 0.018641 miles
40 m 0.024855 miles
50 m 0.031069 miles
60 m 0.037282 miles
70 m 0.043496 miles
80 m 0.049710 miles
90 m 0.055923 miles
100 m 0.062137 miles
200 m 0.124274 miles
300 m 0.186411 miles
400 m 0.248548 miles
500 m 0.310686 miles
600 m 0.372823 miles
700 m 0.434960 miles
800 m 0.497097 miles
900 m 0.559234 miles
1,000 m 0.621371 miles


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