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How to Sleep 8 Hours in 4 Hours

Sleep plays an essential role in both physical and mental health. While most adults know that, most don’t get enough sleep to meet minimum recommendations. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one-third of all Americans don’t get enough sleep every night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then you may wonder what you […] Read More…

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Father & Son in a Museum

How Human Height Has Changed Over Time — And What Might Be Behind It

Changes in average height in a population say a lot about how nongenetic factors can affect human development. GigaCalculator examined data from the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration to see how average height has changed globally over time. Read More…

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What is the Typical Soccer Player Diet Plan?

Anybody who watches soccer, whether they enjoy the sport or simply love Ted Lasso, may wonder how the top players maintain their impressive level of fitness. Is it all from workouts or do the food choices they make have an impact? A soccer player’s diet plan may vary from athlete to athlete, but there are […] Read More…

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