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RMR vs BMR for Weight Loss

RMR and BMR, the former abbreviated from Resting Metabolic Rate and the latter from Basal Metabolic Rate, can often be encountered in discussions related to daily caloric requirements, dieting, caloric restrictions and weight loss. Fitness amateurs and professional athletes and their physicians might also use RMR, BMR, or both for weight management. This article will… Read More »

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TDEE vs BMR in Daily Calorie Needs Calculation

If you set out to lose weight or maintain a target weight as an athlete or fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast, your coach or physician will often tell you that you need to estimate your BMR and TDEE and to set daily calorie intake limits based on the energy requirements calculated from these measures. Hence, it… Read More »

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How Many Calories Do I Need to Burn in a Day to Reach My Weight Goal?

If you’re on a journey to get slimmer or to bulk up, you may already have a specific goal weight in mind. This could be the amount you need to be to fit into your favorite outfit, maybe it’s the size you want to be for a special event coming up, or perhaps it’s the… Read More »

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The Mathematics of Weight Loss – Putting the 3500 Calorie Myth to Rest

There is a lot of scientific work done with regards to the reduction in caloric intake required to achieve a particular weight loss goal. The mathematics behind the science of weight loss are, in fact, quite fascinating and in this article we will go over them in some detail. In doing so, we will address… Read More »

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