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BMI for women

BMI for Women: Does a BMI Calculator for Women Make Sense?

There are multiple BMI calculators out there, including our own online Body Mass Index calculator. Some of them make a distinction between the sexes and produce different results for men and women. Others don’t make such a distinction, including those put forth by the most respected health organizations such as the U.S. CDC, NIH, and […] Read More…

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The Mathematics of Weight Loss – Putting the 3500 Calorie Myth to Rest

There is a lot of scientific work done with regards to the reduction in caloric intake required to achieve a particular weight loss goal. The mathematics behind the science of weight loss are, in fact, quite fascinating and in this article we will go over them in some detail. In doing so, we will address […] Read More…

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Weight loss scale

Reach Your Goals With the Help of a Weight Loss Calculator

Have an idea of how much weight you want to lose? You may have a target number in mind but remain unsure of how exactly to get to that number. Or, perhaps you’re still trying to determine what amount of weight loss makes sense for you and your own individual wellness. Understanding the math behind […] Read More…

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