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How Many Scoops of Formula for 4 Oz?

For many first time parents, there are countless aspects of having a newborn that can be overwhelming and feeding your baby is on the top of many’s lists. If you are opting to formula feed or needing it to supplement your baby’s diet, there are some important things to know in bottle preparation to make […] Read More…

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What Type of Tea Has the Most Caffeine?

Tea has been a popular beverage choice for many across the globe for centuries. For some, grabbing a tea over a coffee is preferable because there is less caffeine. Or is there?  Tea has been drunk in China since before 2000 BC. Back then, it was not yet used as a milder way to wake […] Read More…

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How to Track Alcohol Macros

Tracking macronutrients is something that people do for a variety of reasons. They may do it because they want to lose weight or because they’re training for an athletic event. People who have diabetes must track their macros, too, particularly carbohydrates and sugars. While most of the things we eat or drink are easy to […] Read More…

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What is Raw Weight Vs Cooked Weight?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, looked over the menu and noticed items with their weight listed underneath? (Or, even as part of the dish name?) For instance, maybe you’ve seen a quarter-pound burger or a ten-ounce steak. Knowing this information can help you count calories or make sure your order will fill you […] Read More…

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The Mathematics of Weight Loss – Putting the 3500 Calorie Myth to Rest

There is a lot of scientific work done with regards to the reduction in caloric intake required to achieve a particular weight loss goal. The mathematics behind the science of weight loss are, in fact, quite fascinating and in this article we will go over them in some detail. In doing so, we will address […] Read More…

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Reach Your Goals With the Help of a Weight Loss Calculator

Have an idea of how much weight you want to lose? You may have a target number in mind but remain unsure of how exactly to get to that number. Or, perhaps you’re still trying to determine what amount of weight loss makes sense for you and your own individual wellness. Understanding the math behind […] Read More…

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